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  • vdaramola

    October 4, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Fascia Tightening ??

    Dr. Towfigh, thanks for putting so much time into my unusual case. I really do appreciate it.

    I have been evaluated at the neck area quite extensively by different docs – positional venogram, CT angiogram, MRI/MRA/MRV, and of course numerous ultrasounds. Venous thoracic outlet syndrome (w/out a clot) was one of the first thoughts. All the testing has been normal. However, the vascular system has NOT been evaluated from shoulder to hand (other than ultrasound). Personally, I think it’s reasonable (at this very desperate place) to do a full look at my entire arm, with modality more robust than ultrasound. … CT venogram, angiogram/venogram, descending venography — but I am unable to get anyone to do this. The doctor at Kleinert Kutz was in disbelief as he reviewed my normal positional venogram. He said it had to be coming from higher up, but when I asked he if would do some sort of venography or investigation of my arm (upper arm, forearm or ideally both) — he wouldn’t do it. And, like so many others, he said – sorry, don’t know the cause of your pain. I tried to see the vascular/interventional radiologist at Stanford, and he wouldn’t take my case. I sent my records, pictures, an explanation of what’s going on — and I couldn’t even get an appointment. And of course, I’ve been too numerous vascular docs and hand docs that have all too easily been able to say — sorry, nothing to offer.

    Is there someone or some particular speciality (that I’m unaware of) that would be willing to evaluate the blood flow in my arm beyond ultrasound (which is always normal) ?
    Maybe I can email you again … ??