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  • Hernia or Psoas?

    Hello Dr. Towfigh,

    Well, I finally had a dynamic hernia ultrasound and a small hidden, inguinal hernia was found! The technician was very good and it was not until I was standing up and bearing down that she was able to detect it. There was no hint of it when I was lying flat – even after she knew exactly where to look. I’ve been told that the hernia is composed of fat and not intestine which (presumably?) means there is no risk of bowel incarceration.

    After 2 years, I am greatly relieved to know the source of my pain even though my GP has warned that surgery is risky and could result in more pain. I am now in the queue to meet with a surgeon. I’m not sure who it will be or exactly how long I will wait. In the meantime, I hope you don’t mind if I run a few questions past you:

    – can you explain why small hernias are often more painful than large ones?
    – are small hernias any easier to repair? Is there a greater chance that a mesh would not be required (I am thin and so am wary of the mesh).
    – are painful hernias trickier to repair because nerves are involved?
    – does the fact that the hernia is ‘occult’ mean that it is literally deeper in the groin and therefore more difficult (riskier) to repair?
    – if left untreated, what is the likelihood of it getting bigger?
    – is there an advantage to getting it repaired sooner (while I am still relatively young at 55) rather than later?

    I gather from other posts on your forum that the expertise of the surgeon is critical and that he/she should have 250 to 500 laparoscopies under her or her belt. Is it important that I ask if they’ve had specific experience with hidden hernias in women?

    I have not contacted the Shouldice Clinic but have seen some negative reviews online. I have concerns about traveling across the country only to discover that they won’t believe a hernia is there because they can’t see it or feel it! (I’ve read that they don’t want to see scans?)

    Again, thank you for this invaluable forum!