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  • m3driver

    December 19, 2015 at 7:15 am

    Post-vasectomy Pain – Neurectomy Options

    Hi Dr Towfigh – yes, per your recommendation I had a consult with Dr Turek earlier this week. His recommendation was to see a general surgeon (ideally you) to screen for hernia or other neuropathy, as you mention. He spoke very highly of you, and without a doubt my first choice is to see you. Since I am located across the country from you, I thought I would start with a local general surgeon and then relay his findings to you so we can create a plan from there. If you have any recommendations regarding questions I should ask or any specific items that should be checked I would greatly apppreciate your feedback. Once we have the results of that consultation, I would like to get your opinion as to whether it makes sense for me to fly out to see you. Would you be willing to do a phone consult with me after my local appointment? It is scheduled for mid-Jan.

    Thank you again for your advice and expertise, and willingness to share it. It seems some of these challenging conditions benefit from or even require multi-disciplinary care that is very difficult for a patient to coordinate. Doctors like you, Turek and others are a godsend to a patient desperate but determined to reclaim lost quality of life.