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    January 2, 2016 at 5:46 am

    To Remove or Not to Remove?

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to disclose that here.
    I can tell you he is one of major advertisers out there for mesh removal.
    He performs very invasive open procedures. Severely traumatic.

    A surgeon who has done this operation before many times I believe should show some compassion and prepare the patient or educate them on what to expect after such trauma. Not just expect the patient to have all the questions. This felt like a trick, like a sale or a case study more than a service. More like you were being experimented on. I knew it but I failed to leave at the last minute.
    There’s always that thought about hey the mesh is going to come out and that will be a good thing but
    the price you pay for that is un imagineably torturous. The trade off is no comparison to your physical self before removal. It’s not conducive if you had any sort of a physical lifestyle prior to removal. It basically disables you severely. I can see removal for a balled up piece or an infection or someone who is limping in pain with mesh in but not for someone with discomfort and the mesh is in perfectly. You’re taking mesh out, cutting nerves and altering the anatomy with a very tense can that ever be better?
    Risky Business.