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  • Kelly88

    January 6, 2016 at 6:46 pm


    Thank you so much for checking in!!

    You are beyond kind.

    I just posted an update.

    Went to schwaitzberg…its 6 hrs for me in a car on mattress…not easy.

    He doesn’t believe my pain could come from hernia/and that I have other hernias because they didn’t show on mri.
    But!! He scheduled surgery laparoscopic will repair umbilical and look for others.

    Now bloodwork shows possible endocrine problems so he canceled surgery and making me see endocrinologist to treat with medicine.

    Beyond frustrating. The pain is getting worse. I can’t stand up. I can feel exactly where hernias/tears are. Medicine can not fix this. Even worse I feel the hernias/tears are making me sick. /harboring bacteria.

    I sat in his office begging for help. Ob surgeon yelled at me!! Told me I need physical therapy and pain meds. She told me unless it shows on a scan, there’s no tears, not true! Thankfully I have the mri that shows umbilical hernia.

    I ripped when I gave birth, the tear is still there. I know my body and what I feel. If I separate my legs I rip. I can’t bend over lift things even sit down.

    My life has stopped.

    Any referrals I’m all ears. I will keep going until I get surgery.

    I thank god for your knowledge about women and hernias. You are a blessing.