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  • lifeboat00

    February 9, 2016 at 12:37 am

    spegelian questions

    Thank you Dr Goldstein for answering my questions.

    I have always maintained that I have some kind of abd hernia. Years ago I felt a pop on the right side of my belly.

    I developed severe right sided abdominal pain. I had Abdominal distention with swelling in the right flank. ER doctor Diagnosis was IBS.

    Seen by GI and ESD was negative. GI thought it could be an internal hernia.

    Seen by a surgeon who thought a flank hernia was conceivable given my symptoms (felt a small bulge over right hip bone when laying on right side this would come and go). CT scan was negative this diagnosis was dismissed.

    My abd pain on the right has increased. Any activity I do, I get increased abdominal distention. Pain on the right side over right hip and under right ribs.

    I developed a bulge below my right inguinal crease. GP thought it to be a femoral hernia. U/S showed a small sliding inguinal hernia. Seen by surgeon again which was dismissed by him. But due to my pain, and with some persuasion he agreed to a laparocopy. This turned out to be negative for inguinal, femoral or a obturator hernia.

    Since the Lap surgery, I have had increased pain on the right side of belly and the bulge over the right hip has increased. I now have an asymmetrical belly. I have swelling to my right thigh. When standing for a long period, I get sharp stabbing pain to the top of my thigh. I have pain in the right side when sitting. It feels very bulgy at the waist. When I bend at waist, I get sharp pinching pain over right hip. Embarrassing to say but when wiping self in bathroom I get severe muscle like cramping at right side. This is excruciating at times. When laying down I hear gurgling sounds in the fat! If I push on belly it will gurgle. Any activity with right arm increases my pain at the waist and under right ribs.

    MRI of pelvis shows infiltration in the right gluteal.

    Seen by a neurologist as the surgeon thought my swollen thigh to be parasthetica meralgia but the neurologist stated that I have no symptoms that relate to this.

    Seen by vascular surgeon which they thought something was pressing on large saphenous vein up in right hip area. (which is where I feel the bulge) But because CT was normal this was also dismissed.

    I am wondering if in-fact I have some kind of internal or flank hernia.

    I have an allergy to CT contrast and I have never had valsalva maneuvers done with a CT. Can a hernia be missed if these procedures are not done? In regards to the sliding hernia. Can this be a low lying spigelian hernia? Can a spigelian hernia containing abdominal fat be missed on a CT. I am over weight.
    If a flank hernia is so rare, How does one know what they are looking for? Can this be missed if they are not familiar with this kind of hernia? Can abdominal distention interfere with the CT scans? Can a incisional hernia via c-section scar mimic a femoral hernia? Would this have been seen on an abdominal CT scan? Hence the thigh bulge and swelling. I apologize for so many silly questions but I am lost for answers to the source of this right sided belly pain.

    I have had 2 previous abdominal surgeries prior to the laparoscopy. Gallbladder and C-section.

    Thank you in advance for helping me with my hernia questions.