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    February 9, 2016 at 7:53 am

    Post vasectomy complications

    One of my good friends is a pain specialist he has tried everything and is not sure what to do next. We’ve done multiple blocks I’ve done more pt pelvic and regular and exercises daily since the original procedure and I’m still getting atrophy even though EMG shows no motor damage. I’ve now torn both hip labrums. The pain specialist believes it has caused some sort of mechanio or proprioceptive problem which is causing the muscle loss. I’ve seen him since week 6 and he is baffled.. The head of autonomic neurology at Cleveland clinic said absolutely 100 percent he does not believe it is CRPS and I asked him specifically. If anything my parasympathetic system is wound up and the sympathetic is down. He also believes this is causing low muscle tone. Just finished all the autonomic tests will have some answers in a week. The major weakness is psoas muscles and quads are weak and becoming contractures. which correlate with the spinal levels of the damaged nerves and I can no longer extend lower back and gave had a reversal of curve in my mechanical background my body has done everything to prevent me from putting a stretch on the nerves. Interestingly after all blocks to IG II and gf for a day I can extend back a little and extend hips again so there has to be some association. I’ve also talked to a few guys with vas nerve damage that are also developing hip socket problems. Thanks for asking though. If I were to have neurectomy would open or laparoscopic be less invasive and is there a chance of abdominal atrophy w either?