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  • gretarae

    April 27, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    Encouraging percentages from Docs please!

    Thank you! This is exactly the feedback I was looking for. Yes, I am grateful to have the resources available to me and be surrounded by such an educated medical community! That said, I tend to over research in hopes of making the best decisions for my long term health. This hernia has put me in the same predicament as thousands of others, as I am told the longer I let it go, the more difficult the repair .. And yet to move forward with surgery may also lead to complications. Ironic, considering this little defect is barely visible and causes me no pain.
    Question.. How soon does infection/rejection usually rear its head? Is there a window of time after which the chance of infection decreases?… Or can it occur years from surgery? How is it typically treated before removal?
    Thank you for taking time to respond. I can see how busy you are!