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  • aminuts

    May 15, 2016 at 4:10 am

    top hernia doctors in georgia or tn

    I am too from Florida and suffered two and a half years until I found this forum and Dr Towfigh. She recomended dr Bradshaw who at the time was in Daytona and was very good. He was in the process of
    Moving to Tennessee and I had suffered for 2 and a half years and couldn’t wait for there transfer to take about 3 months. I flew to California where dr Towfigh repaired a bilateral inguinal and right femoral hernia and gave me my life back. We are in desperate need of a dr with there expertise here in Florida .
    I do recommend dr Bradshaw in Tennessee if you can’t make the trip to California. This is from a patients point of view he was great to me as well. Good luck and make sure you get a doctor that has the knowledge and expertise.