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  • Beenthere

    May 17, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    top hernia doctors in georgia or tn

    I am not an expert but went through this and did a lot of research starting in 2011 and had mesh removal in 2013. If my memory is correct Dr. Amid was a leading expert and maybe one of the first in the area PHP and based at UCLA. Doctors Towfigh and Chen worked with him, I think. Maybe this is the reason for a west coast bias.

    If you have a referral and can afford the time and money take advantage in seeing from what I understand is one the best PHP surgeons in the nation., go for it.

    I met with doctors Goodyear, Ramshaw and Yunis on the east coast and would recommend any one from my interaction with them. I also had conversations with Dr G in Cleveland and Peterson in Vegas, they were also very helpful.

    One more thing which I highly recommend is reading the book Unaccountable before your next appointment and surgery. I happened to find it at the local library and it made sense of the problems I had with my first surgery for a hernia. I could directly relate every chapter to the care I was given and made sense of the pain and suffering that happened afterward.