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Yes, I tried it. I was told that I could request specific surgeons, but they couldn’t promise anything.

On the nuked thread, I posted a link to a 1991 paper from Germany that said that there’s a lower recurrence rate when cutting the cremaster, but higher pain. Still, it concluded that cutting the cremaster is an essential part of the Shouldice repair:

Cremaster Paper

There was an independent source of information about recurrence at the Shouldice Hospital. There was a study from insurance in Canada, and it was consistent with the results claimed by the hospital. I don’t have the link readily available, but I can find it.

I don’t really doubt their historic recurrence numbers. Assuming they’ve been keeping up the level of quality work there, their repairs should be solid on that front (at least if you get one of their best surgeons). Chronic pain is a bit of an unknown, but not sure what it really is for other Shouldice surgeons either.

New Report


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