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  • Watchful

    November 15, 2022 at 12:09 pm

    Cutting the genital nerve branch is common practice in men in some tissue repairs such as Shouldice and Muschaweck (you must be talking about Dr. Echo who does the Muschaweck repair.) The Shouldice Hospital cuts it in thousands of people every year, and so do other surgeons who follow the original Shouldice procedure such as Dr. Sbayi and Dr. Reinhorn. I’m not sure if and when it’s cut in women, though.

    It seems excessive to do it in everyone, and there’s no agreement among surgeons on this subject. Just one thing among many where there are conflicting opinions, and no good answers. Have surgery done only if you really need it because it’s fraught with danger, and the “cure” can easily be worse than the disease. Definitely not an easy decision in many cases.