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Kang nixed use of ice! He was surprised that I thought ice would help healing. In fact I never needed ice but before that I had read stories on the internet about people using ice post-op. I got the idea ice would be needed. Also I thought I would need aspirin, etc. but never had to use it.

My understanding is direct IH is more painful than an indirect one. I had indirect but as I said I needed a crutch to go from my bed to the restroom in the hospital and anytime thereafter walking. My only pain was getting up from the bed. Walking wasn’t painful if I took measured steps.

I had no pain on the plane. By that time I didn’t need a crutch but avoided any strenuous movements. Driving home from the airport though was tough on me. But not after my 2nd operation (for recurrence). The two were very different about pain–the 2nd time around, no crutch needed and I was more confident moving around after the first week, incl. my drive home from the airport. (Note: for my 2nd one I am unsure I would have been able to leave the hospital unassisted. I purposely stayed there several days for security. The result was that my condition was immensely better, immensely, than at the same time period for my first op.)

Alan: (My ankles were like balloons after arriving!)
You may already know we need to flex our ankles and calves during the flight to forestall such swelling. Sometimes walking around is big help but don’t push it if you don’t feel fully confident. Get an aisle seat as close to the john as you can.

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