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  • Katherine

    November 25, 2022 at 2:24 pm

    Hi Chuck – thanks for your input. I didn’t know that about Yunis. Believe me – I understand a botched surgery. I have a rare spinal nerve condition called Tarlov Cyst Disease. Back in 2012, I elected to have surgery and selected a surgeon that was supposed to be the best in this procedure (it’s very rare and I also had a hard time getting it approved by insurance). He had to do a sacral laminectomy in order to perform the surgery. Unfortunately, he used a “reabsorbable mesh” to close the laminectomy. Me bad – I should have done more research – I even asked him if this ever caused any issues. Of course, he answered it did not. Well – it does. And it’s not even approved for use in the spine! In addition, as it “dissolves” since it creates more scar tissue, it also can entrap nerve roots. You cannot remove it once it has started dissolving. However, the mesh also causes inflammatory and autoimmune responses in certain individuals. So – lucky me – I developed the further complication of adhesive arachnoiditis and several autoimmune conditions. I haven’t even considered suing – as you said – lawyers don’t want to take it on. The waivers you have to sign before surgery are so iron-clad. So, I do not want mesh in me ever again. But… with my connective tissue disease, I don’t know if I will have a choice. And I already have issues with entrapped nerves elsewhere in my body (tarsal tunnel – bilaterally and left peroneal nerve issues near the lateral knee) which I think have resulted from the connective tissue disease. So, I am not at all taking any surgery lightly. But I am also afraid that the larger it gets, the more difficult the repair and the harder it would be for any surgeon to do it without some type of reinforcement.