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That’s interesting about the ice, the nurses gave me two packs, one for each side and then a pair under each arm (my temp shot up on the first night). I found it did help with the pain but obviously only while applied.

I was stuck in the middle seat on the plane and didn’t want to disturb the chap sleeping in the isle seat 😂, will be changing to an isle seat for the return so I can move about (I’m 6’3″ so not much room to stretch)

I had my 1 week checkup with Dr Kang today which involved an ultrasound and chat. Everything looks good he said. Interestingly he said I had a small double indirect hernia forming on the right side which he fixed during surgery. He also said the right side has minimal chance of an indirect hernia so I’m hoping I won’t have to come back again for future repairs.

Pain is significantly better today, I’m a bit gutted I haven’t been able to tour Korea but as long as the repair is good and I can make it home I’m happy.

I asked Dr Kang about mesh removal and repair just now, he said he just completed one this morning, laparoscopic is not easy as he will have to remove the mesh via open surgery (Maybe best seeing a laparoscopic specialist?) but open mesh is not a problem.


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