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  • pinto

    December 11, 2022 at 7:59 am

    As an example, Stanford Medicine in an article, “How government subsidies affect private health insurance prices, reveals research on the matter:

    For someone who began with the mistaken view by yourself that medical conglomerates being capitalistic precludes therefore the system being a socialized one, I must wonder what your real purpose is. Ok, you want to say the US health care system is not socialized? Perhaps not completely but if you listened to the podcast, then you should know the doctor spoke of a “paradigm shift” in way of explaining how US health care has been changing from privatized to socialized forms. He is a doctor and is reporting from the front lines of medical service. It dovetails with my impressions and what I’ve been hearing. And I believe it may have relevance for some of the HT members who have felt short-changed by their medical providers.

    [“You can actually find examples of the opposite where
    state governments go after medical
    conglomerates/monopolies ….”]
    I agree but 1) govt. in my post refers to federal and 2) there will always be contradictions given the many different branches and offices of govt. as well as competing political forces and “politics.” Perhaps your perspective has been at the state level, for which I certainly would agree that the state govt. hardly can be expected to be blamed for the bad socialized medicine being practiced. If blame is to be made, I put it on the federal govt.