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For the record, I recently had robotic inguinal mesh removal by Dr Yunis which I consider a complete success. I had lived years with chronic groin pain and other unexplained urologic and bowel symptoms. About half a dozen doctors couldn’t (or wouldn’t) attribute my worsening health to my hernia mesh. Arguably, many things can contribute to abdominal discomfort, so I understand why doctors are reluctant to diagonse mesh as a cause. Statistically, a very small number of patients have actual mesh problems, but when someone does, it is an uphill climb to get it recognized and resolved. Mesh removal is a considerable risk, and proceeding with it might complicate things even more. In my particular case, my symptoms just kept getting worse so I took the leap of mesh removal by a highly qualified surgeon. Once my mesh was removed all my issues went away and it dramatically changed my life. I feel very fortunate. If I could go back in time to my original hernia consult, I would have done things very differently. Unlike the pamphlet implies, hernia surgery is actually a big deal. Get second or third opinions from different healthcare providers, find an experienced surgeon with a wide range of skill sets and a genuine interest in patient outcome. I couldn’t be happier with my mesh removal doctor, and I wonder how differently things would have gone had I consulted with him 6 years ago.

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