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  • Unknown Member

    January 26, 2023 at 3:16 pm

    I frequently beat myself up for double meshing …but they options for tissue repair are so few…and my experiences and experiences of others with US tissue surgeons really scared me off….shall i review?

    Peterson -probably my first choice because he advertises so much..and i was ignorant…canceled my first consult…came an hour late to my second…then cut off questions because he was late. Criticized other doctors –a red flag for me—saying he removed mesh from Dr Twofighs patients and Dr Yunis patients….Numerous bad reviews.

    Grishkan – Very offputting because he ridiculed other doctors…claimed he fixed a lot of Tomas’s work…claimed peterson was a pompous ass….said that the Sbayi surgery was overkill…just did not seem like a nice guy.

    Tomas – didnt consult with him personally…but heard others tell he was checking out their wives…said the shouldice procedure was as bad as mesh…destroyed a few people…one of them even started a facebook page to warn people about the dangers of desarda.

    Yunis – Decent guy. Nasty receptionist…really mostly a lap robotic guy who is new to tissue…heards from several that he damaged them with mesh and then refused to see them referring them to pain management…

    Sbayi –no experience with him…seems pleasant but known to cut nerves and cut the cremaster.

    Shouldice clinic – demanded the death vax…couldnt promise you would see the surgeon of your choice…at the time was cutting the cremsaster and using stainless steel sutures…known to have trainees assist in operations….

    Towfigh – pleasant enough…pleasant staff…kudos for running this great forum…dont get the sense she is a tissue expert…doesnt like desarda repair or shouldice–its too tight…prefers the Bassini…which seems out of favor…

    maybe i am missing a few….but this is why i think the best option for tissue repairs lie overseas as our friend watchful has concluded..