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That’s strange. I talked to all 3 of them and didn’t see any indication of anything unprofessional, but my partner wasn’t there, so I wouldn’t be able to say about that type of thing…

I spent more time with Lorenz and Conze, and had very elaborate and detailed discussions with them. They were very patient and friendly, and were well-aware that this is not some minor thing. They seemed to take hernia very seriously and be well-aware of what could go wrong and how to minimize the risk of that. It was clear they like this field, and Lorenz loves training the next generation of surgeons in this field. They both do research and keep track of their results in the database. I spent less time with Wiese, but had a very good impression of his competence as well, and he has great jameda reviews. He does a very large number of Shouldice surgeries as well as other hernia surgeries.

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