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The part that isn’t clear is the basis for the claim that Marcy has poor results for adult male hernias. I found only one study, and it showed good results. Doctors who practiced it (Kang, Brown) claimed good results. I think that’s the reason this keeps coming up. Where was the battle that you mentioned documented? There’s also the question of the stitching technique. Maybe recurrence is lower with the way some surgeons (such as Kang) stitch it when compared to some other way.

(Andy Elliott) – The symptoms you mentioned after your lap mesh surgery could even be effects of the anesthesia rather than the mesh. These chemicals cause bad reactions in the brain and other parts of the nervous system with a lot of variation from person to person. Unless you have a good reason to believe it’s the mesh itself, be careful. If what you are really sensitive to is the anesthesia, going through yet another surgery will only make things worse. There really isn’t a good understanding of the effects of anesthesia, and the theory is that the chemicals used cause an inflammatory response in the nervous system which can lead to anything from brain fog and sleep issues to delirium and cognitive dysfunction. How your body reacts depends on many factors – genetics, cognitive reserve, any existing degenerative processes, etc.

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