News Feed Discussions Survey finds 64.5 percent patients “unhappy” after inguinal surgery Reply To: Survey finds 64.5 percent patients “unhappy” after inguinal surgery

  • pinto

    February 2, 2023 at 7:03 pm

    I beg to differ with the interpretations of the survey thus far. Actually it is possible that ALL IG patients were HAPPY with their surgeries! Emphasis on possible. Please note that only 1/3 of the hernias included were IG and their outcomes nondisclosed. Thus the survey has uncertain relevance for HT, certainly the stats for happy/unhappy outcomes.

    However I find an important statement in the article; thusly
    “some surgeons are reluctant to accept responsibility over implants they use or have insufficient knowledge about their properties or do not inform their patients well about all the risks and benefits of mesh or indeed non-mesh options. Not unsurprisingly, a growing body of patients are losing trust in the surgical industry.”

    Remarkable. The statement comes from a group including four surgeons and the first time I have heard such from medical providers.