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@Good intentions, thank you again. Let me challenge you, however, about your primary source and interpretation because this involves so crucial a matter–healing. Originally your statement was it takes “months to years,” invoking my response of “years?” 😀 You assured us that is the case.

That really does contradict numerous statements by surgeons including my own as to how physically active I can be. If a baller, myself included, who must so jump to his fullest yet its pivot point (groin) might still be healing into the years (?), then obviously I’ve got to curtail my playing. Maybe even most like golfing, dancing, whatever and well, maybe even household cleaning!

So what does your primary source say about it?
“Chapter 1 Overview of Wound Healing in Different Tissue Types
John D. Stroncek and W. Monty Reichert.”

Partly true—-but only about brain tissue and the years-time part–bone. We cannot apply that to the groin especially since it doesn’t involve bone tissue (I believe); thus the source wouldn’t support the claim that IH healing can stretch into the years.

Required time for healing is a big issue. It remains open for discussion. I welcome any clarification about it.

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