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If your hernia doesn’t hurt then just watch and wait. Hernia surgery with or without mesh can cause chronic pain. I’ve talked to a surgeon that said he has a hernia the size if a quarter but it doesn’t bother him, he’s had it 12 years. That says something right there, another surgeon said he only does hernia surgery for people that lift weights or the hernia becomes the size of an apple. And when anyone is going to get a hernia fixed go to a hernia specialist. Ask how many they done, if they can do suture repairs and what kind etc. Some surgeons act like it’s a walk in the park but it’s far from it and can change your life especially with mesh used. Crazy how mesh especially polypropylene is never ever supposed to be put in the human body ever! It’s a foreign body to our body and our body trust to fight it off and then scar tissue grows through the pores, the mesh isn’t blocking the hernia is what people don’t get the scar tissue it produces is.

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