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I saw my surgeon on 2/8 and mentioned to him the numbness. He asked me if it was getting better and I said no. He didn’t really seem to make a big deal of it and I called the office again last Friday and they said it could take 6 weeks. I would think I would see a noticeable difference in a week’s time. I just find it odd that the left side feels ok. I’ve been icing it everyday and using a heating pad at times. A general surgeon near where I live did the surgery. He was refereed by my pcp. I believe it was done robotically. 3 small incisions in abdomen. As for the hernias they were small but the left one was bothering me. When they did an ultrasound they saw 1 on both sides so we decided to fix both in one swoop. I wasn’t aware that I had one on the right side and now that’s the side that is bothering me.

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