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  • Mike M

    February 23, 2023 at 7:34 pm

    Chuck –

    I concur with Pinto on his statement. It goes back to who you trust. I trust Stephen and Dr. Kang 100% based on my research as well as my direct experience. I would not go to anyone else for no mesh tissue repair. Too risky for me especially after hearing all the horror stories. I am convinced there are just a handful of competent no mesh tissue repair doctors left in the world and even less that can operate on a wide variety of patients and hernia scenarios successfully with no mesh.

    It is my experience the “Kang Method” is the best “one size fits all” for hernia patients determined to forgo mesh no matter what scenario is in play. That is not to say mesh is better or worse for certain situations as well as the type of mesh surgery.

    I was determined not to have mesh surgery under any circumstance as well as no cutting of nerves, cremaster, etc. That limited my choices significantly but also funneled me into the best possible scenario for a doctor for my specific choice.

    MRI vs. 3D Ultrasound I am not sure which one is more advantageous for trickier hernias. Based on my layman’s understanding I would trust both scenarios with either doctors and if one ruled it out (and I still had problems) I would follow up with the other method of imaging as a second opinion.