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Thanks for considering it. I thought about the mesh too, but you’d think if it was edge effects I’d have at least 2 lines of pain (top/bottom) if not 4 (top/bot/left/right). Curling up, compressing the tissues doesn’t trigger it.
I know the preperitoneal mesh kinda glues itself between the peritoneum on bottom and fascia on top. When you stretch I’m not sure how much the peritoneum & fascia expands along the mesh surface. If this was the source you’d think it might be kinda like… pain over a square region.
I do know when you stretch abs and belly breath at once you’re generating a Normal force & 2 parallel opposite forces on that fascia sown above the mesh. If this tissue rips from suture it can manifest as needle like pain (can think of it as the suture cutting through tissue.) This would explain the single line of pain.
But in Yoga classes you do a lot of core stretching. Dunno if it’s the right call after hernia repairs.

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