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  • Howard

    March 3, 2023 at 10:23 am

    Understandably, I will be seeking further advice on this issue, hopefully at the British Hernia Centre in London. They can address both my hiatal and inguinal hernias. I am aware of what issues a hiatal hernia can produce. Surgery for this is brutal and I decided long ago it wasn’t worth the risk. I’ve had nuclear gastro emptying tests, 24hr PH testing, tons of other tests that I can’t recall but all showed a normally functioning GI tract. Three endoscopes, one of which didn’t even find a hernia.

    Surely with bilateral inguinal hernias, if you have two parts of your intestines sticking out in places where they should not be, restricting bowel movements and gas, bloating occurs? Quoting one surgical consulting website, “An inguinal hernia can cause someone to feel like they had an enormous meal when in fact they did not. This very common type of hernia can also make you feel bloated”. Ditto for hiatal hernia of course.

    I just want to find answers. I am not overweight or unhealthy, just severely restricted in lifestyle choices.