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  • Watchful

    March 4, 2023 at 2:33 pm

    Yes, Dr. Conze should be able to diagnose some other pain causes as well. He has experience with chronic pain cases, and he does revisional surgery.

    I still have different types of pain from the surgery. It’s not debilitating and it’s not constant, but it’s fairly disturbing at times. I hope it improves with time. I still have quite a bit of hard tissue in the surgical area – it takes months for the muscles, fascia, and other tissues in the area to heal and soften.

    These open surgeries are pretty brutal. Dr. Kang has the right idea with minimizing the scope of the surgery – less tissue damage and faster healing, but I just don’t know how resilient his technique is in bad cases like I had. The good thing for you is that your hernia (if you have it) must be very small.

    I haven’t looked into your health board yet.