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Cpk—yes its a very common scam that i hope to inform newbies about….believe it or not i really studied this issue and still made this horrible mistake…as you have discovered all the no mesh surgeries outside those performed by dr kang…have significant downsides. My criminal surgeon Sam Carvajal…placed his finger on me for one second and said i had a hernia on the other side….when you are having surgery anyway…almost every patient will say well i better fix both since i dont want to come back for another surgery. The surgeon doctors up the op report to say you had bilateral hernias and no one knows any better….if the doctor is honest sometimes they will say…you dont have a hernia…but you should consider fixing both…i had several friends where that happened…some even argue its standard of care….total BS….another thing i was never advised of was that i would be cathed….another extremely risky intervention that many caring lap surgeons wont risk…in retrospect it was so obvious never to do lap…but i am an attorney by trade…and i just didnt know all the ins and outs….my life was destroyed….kudos to you for finding kang….and kudos to Dr Towfigh for running this forum….there would be no way to find any of this out without her

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