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I was diagnosed with three hernias with cough test and ultrasound about 19 years ago. I had no bulges, just sharp pains in three areas. Was sent to see a surgeon who did cough tests and said he didn’t need to see the ultrasound. He said he would fix them with three meshes. That was the first time I had heard of a mesh and decided not to get it done. Didn’t like the idea of having three meshes installed.

It then occurred to me that I had been sleeping on my side in an almost an abdominal stretch position for about a year before the pains started. This was streching my abdominals and when I went back to sleeping in a fetal position the pains went away. I got my hernia little over a year ago while doing some side stretches. Over the past few years I saw tv ads about mesh lawsuits and I knew somebody who worked at thecsame company I worked who had some very serious problems with her hernia mesh and had to get it removed. She died a few months later.

So for me, not getting mesh was a no brainer. Dr Kang was by far the best option for me based on his very positive results, location and cost. But I can see how people go with mesh since it works for most and is recommended by doctors.

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