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I would still strongly consider dynamic MRI done in the U.S.

Dr. Kang says MRI is not necessary for his purpose…but remember that his purpose is to diagnose inguinal hernias. What if you don’t have a hernia?

I believe that the advantage of MRI is not only it’s demonstrated benefit in diagnosing hidden/occult hernias, but also the information it could provide if you don’t actually have a hernia.

I think this is partly why Dr. Kang (or Stephen) is cautioning that you might travel to Korea for ‘nothing’ if their dynamic ultrasound does not reveal a hernia. I’m certainly no expert in imaging techniques, but I don’t think they are in as good a position as someone using dynamic MRI in terms of diagnosing other potential problems…but perhaps you can clarify that with them and Dr. Towfigh (if she is the one you are considering for dynamic MRI, which I think would be a very good idea).

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