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  • NFG12

    March 14, 2023 at 9:36 pm

    Robotic is the way to go but it takes some time to learn. The robot can move ways the hands using lap cannot, better visualization, no hand jitters like lap removal because it’s time consuming etc. Bruce Ramshaw was one if the supposed best, he’d make you see a psychiatrist before and after surgery and used to admit mesh can cause pain but when a patient asked him to do it robotically he said he didn’t know how to use the robot and said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and had his own mesh ever called tiger mesh then he openly admitted its all in our heads and mesh doesn’t cause pain lol then retired. I had mesh bilateral bard 3dmax heavyweight with 2 huge tacks and tacks are a no no and which to me is the worst of the worse and bard knew it’s not safe at all to put in the human body but bought the cheapest plastic available to fill their pockets but they are paying for it now. Dr Iacco at Michigan hernia surgery removed all of it and the tacks in one piece to make sure he got it all which makes sense, his parter Dr. Janzyck is a pioneer in robotics and dud the highest volume of robotic surgeries in the US in 2016. I wanted both sides removed because there is no reason to get one out then the other especially when a skilled surgeon can get them both at once. Robotic surgery has a learning curve but will be the future especially with mesh removal, they have like 30 or more at the hospital I went to. A dude I know just flew from Florida to him ti get bilateral removal and he got it all out and he’s a week out and all prior symptoms are gone beside post op pain. Chuck is right on the robotics and we’ve spoke for almost a year now on the phone having each other’s back. I had my mesh in 18 months and got it removed then and had nerve damage which one nerve was cut bit on the left it started flipping in on itself. I respected there veiw saying yes mesh can cause pain dmfor some patients and 3dmax is garbage as Belyansky said. At there office they have a picture on the wall saying the groin us the most complex anatomy of the human body and when we go to some bad apples out there get told it’s a cakewalk and mesh is gold standard etc. I talked ti a surgeon that had a quarter size hernia for a decade he said it doesn’t bother me so I’m not getting surgery which most hernias especially indirect don’t hurt its just if it gets big like a orange etc yea ya gotta get it fixed but him telling me that Said alot and I bet no surgeons would put it in there son, daughter, friends etc, it’s a crapshoot. Everyone on here that made the mistake of getting polypropylene put in you know there’s hope and there are good guys not bad guys like some that can help you with removing it then the worst is over then healing takes a bit some faster than others but it will get better and better!