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  • pinto

    April 2, 2023 at 7:44 am

    I am disappointed that this study of patient pain has little to do with HT issues. Why? The medical report presented is not directed to hernia patients or hernia surgery. A quite different animal. The patients under-reporting pain likely are not in opposition to their type of surgery nor do they perceive their surgeons as non-cooperative or unfeeling about their pain.
    How about reports of pain here at HT? Quite different. My impression is that these HT patients complain that the surgeons involved avoid the patients or downplay their pain. In the hernia literature some surgeons have acknowledged this surgeon avoidance of post-op pain is an issue in the field. Some of these patients experienced failed surgeries, which in turn led to questioning their surgeon’s ability and/or method. Thus these HT patients are in conflict or opposition to their surgeons or hernia surgery. Contrast that with the apparent situation of patients in the pain study presented in this thread: those patients are cooperative as are apparently their surgeons. So we are left with an apples and oranges comparison. Caution should be raised about generalizing non-specific studies of patient pain to the hernia patients we know here at HT.