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    April 5, 2023 at 6:39 pm

    Thanks so much for your detailed answer…and again for tolerating dissent. Very refreshing. Sadly this “every study” stuff is commonly stated by hernia surgeons to support whatever surgery they personally perform…I looked and found studies that showed open surgery was less risky and less likely to recur…these were open mesh studies. I didnt realize i would be cathed…I didnt even realize there were real alternatives on the anesthesia front—even open surgeons were telling me they used general…I only learned later that they do this for their benefit not ours….same as catheterization…if you get a stricture or some kind of infection…from it..good luck with that— your calls will not be returned. Should i have studied this issue harder –of course…but i went to 6 doctors…and was suspicious of things i was reading on the net from attorneys. I didnt reaalize then that doctors could not be trusted at all.,I thought hernia surgeon was quick and routine…I didnt realize it was lifethreatening surgery. As watchful said he never expected to have to fly to other countries to get a hernia fixed….but that is EXACTLY what you need to do. All I ask is that what was written in the disclosure was actually said to me…Look son there are risks to this surgery…its a lot of plastic…it could get infected…shrink…migrate around your body get stuck on critical organs…if that happens taking it out may well destroy your life…but tissue repairs have issued too…you may want to explore them…do you still want to do it? If you surgeons said this to patients…you know no one would ever do lap surgery…so you hide it in some ten page fly print document. This is a typical example of the total BS I got from surgeons….20 percent recurrance rate likely from a tissue repair….and Dr Harris implies it might recur in a year….mesh is “extremely safe” citing all those large longterm studies again..