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William…yes—i think delaying treatment can be a major mistake…I think i paid for this and so did watchful…The quicker you get it addressed the easier to fix. I am also starting to wonder whether a simple open mesh approach…maybe the one utilized by Reihnorn at Boston hernia isnt the best approach—reinhorn says his chronic pain rate is .003 percent —of course he is probably lying like all the rest…but still. These tissue repairs are all very invasive lots of cutting and sewing weak tissue to weak tissue….I literally know close to 20 guys personally who found out they had a hernia on a monday…within a week they were in surgery getting open mesh shoved in…by just a general surgeon no specialist…and within a week they were all back to normal…its really dumbfounding. I spent many months on my decision and then made the wrong one. Kang seems to be a good way to go to…I would get on it before you are in a bad situation —-i envy that you still have time to get it right. Hernia surgery may well cost me my life as i dont want to live with chronic pain…it seems like the complication rate for hernia surgery especially lap and tissue repairs is extraordinarily high…

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