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    April 17, 2023 at 1:27 pm

    David M —garbage lap surgery destroyed my life…i was in excellent health until this butchery wrecked it…its near impossible to come back from. It was so deceptive…nearly every surgeon i saw promoted it as minimally invasive…and on its face it seemed to be—no cutting no stitching tissue together and hoping they hold. And they beamed you can take care of two hernias in one painless operation. Its a total con…in fact massive injury is done to the body by the moronic surgery…and the plastic they stick in you is HUGE. Never mind that its near impossible to place the mesh correctly…those big beach blankets get infected…migrate…degrade into your body….I cant believe the surgery is legal. Never mind that few going in with lap surgery wont end up getting both sides done whether they have a hernia or not…its a well known scam that these criminals use to collect from insurance companies and if the patient gets destroyed who cares? there is another sucker in the waiting room. The real problem is all of the hernia surgeries suck…and you just have to pick the least suckiest…but i think hands down LAP is the worst surgery there is. If you want to get mesh on the back side…boston hernia does it open surgery…i think open is way safer than garbage lap….I still wonder whether a simple open mesh surgery might be the best option…i dont know a soul who has had a bad outcome from that…most of the fools i know didnt even know mesh was put in them…thats how benign it seems to be. If you go the shouldice route there is an excellent chance of chronic pain….and you will be loaded up with propylene sutures…desarda or kang seem to be the best options for tissue….but maybe they fall apart after a few years like Voeller implied….