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She mentioned on a number of occasions that she prefers Marcy (instead of mesh) on small indirect hernias in skinny women.

I actually consulted with her in person. She was willing to do mesh (either Lichtenstein or lap), but not tissue repair (Shouldice) in my case. I think it was a reasonable call, and most likely the right call in hindsight since Shouldice turned out to be a difficult surgery in my case. She didn’t predict that it would be difficult, but she thought that the risk of recurrence would be too high. Maybe I should say that she reached the right conclusion, just possibly for the wrong reason. We’ll see – hopefully there will be no recurrence. She thought that mesh would not cause trouble in my case, so she saw no reason to go with tissue repair with its higher risk of recurrence.

I had a really good impression of her – she’s thorough, spends enough time (an hour), and writes proper notes (unlike all the other surgeons that I saw). Clearly, very experienced and careful. If I hadn’t been fixated on tissue repair, I would have most likely gone with her for the surgery.

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