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Thanks Watchful for that excellent summation…you really were in a difficult situation. I fear i will be in the same situation if my hernia recurs. Its hard to know how large it was but it was descending into the testicle…it makes me wonder how anyone will be able to fix a recurrance without mesh. Its really difficult to make decisions here because every doctor will tell you then can fix you —whether they can or not…and once you have terrible chronic pain…they just wont return your calls. I keep going back and forth —Kang says he has repaired hernia as large as a babies head. Tomas has a video online of him repairing and enormous hernia that looks like a basketball. The shouldice procedure scares me —even when it works –it takes a year or more to feel better…and I found a blog from a guy that was still hurting three years later. How did hernias become so problematic??? Maybe Mark T is right and hanging around the forums just exposes you to lots of problem cases…I really have no clue what to do if my hernia comes back. And i am still suffering with pain from the removal. Its amazing that a small painless hernia can ruin your whole life. Sadly your great research has convinced me that nothing can be trusted…one percent recurrance rates all these surgeons cite and one percent chronic pain…its all just noise.

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