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  • mela414

    February 16, 2017 at 1:30 am

    Hi Ziggy,

    I had a similar situation and it turned out to be a fatty femoral hernia. It wasn’t picked up on my first MRI. I wound up going to NYC to a hernia specialist as I suspected something was wrong. He sent me for a new MRI at his hospital. This MRI was different. It was done with a valsalva maneuver. The technician told me to bear down and hold my breath. He took the image when I was pushing down.
    The doctor I went to called me to tell me I had an incarcerated femoral hernia. Because of insurance I did not let him so my surgery. When I went to a reputable in network doctor for a consult he looked at the MRI and said he wasn’t convinced I had a hernia. Then he did the exam and had me cough and turn my head in different directions. He looked at the MRI again and said he could feel it. At that point it had started to finally show in my pelvic area but for months it was not visible from the outside.

    Prior to figuring out it was a hernia i was being treated for pelvic floor muscle spasms with physical therapy which made it worse and eventually trigger point injections right into the area which also made it worse. One saturday the pain was horrific so I put an emergency call into my gyn. I bascially told him something was really wrong and i insisted on an MRI. It tooks months to get a diagnosis and many doctor visits to different specialists. I did this on my own. One doctor was even upset that I was in to see him. Like it was a waste of his time. He was an orthopedic surgeon and said I clearly did not have any hip tears or hip problems so “why was I there”.

    Don’t give up. You could have a fatty hernia that is causing you pain. Maybe you can get a referral to a Florida doctor from this site.Best of luck to you.