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  • Chaunce1234

    February 16, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    I’d strongly suspect that Dr Towfigh has a lot of experience with celebrity hernias given her location and expertise. I recall reading somewhere Dr Todd Harris in Newport Beach also has had some celebrity patients.

    Many professional athletes go to Dr Meyers at Vincera Institute in Philadelphia and Dr Muschawek in Munich Germany, often those are for the ‘sports hernia’ and abdominal or abductor injuries, but both clinics perform true groin hernia repairs as well. Dr Brown in Palo Alto California also sees athletes for sports hernias and patients for regular hernias. The Gilmore Groin clinic in London is another one you see mentioned often relating to soccer injuries. Some of those clinics have autographed memorabilia from their patients.

    A web search can reveal several celebrities that have gone to Shouldice in Toronto Canada for the typical groin hernia.

    Some notable politicians have had hernia surgeries at George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC.

    ESPN and sports news can be a revealing resource for injuries, patients, and their doctors. For those curious, if you go to “” and search for “hernia surgery” you’ll find a lot of reports from sports and celebrity gossip sources too.

    It’s kind of fun to think about how the elite get treatment and where. But keep in mind that celebrities and pro athletes tend to have the best resources available to them resulting in rapid diagnosis, and almost always get rehab and physical therapy after an injury or surgery. To me this says that rehab and physical therapy would likely benefit everyone, even if you aren’t famous.