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So I went to the surgeon yesterday. He felt around examine me and had me cough. He said he didn’t feel
a hernia. I told him about the nerve pain and he explain d that the way he did the mesh there could be no nerve entrapment. He said that the nerve could be irritated and to give it more time as it takes a long time to heal. He very quickly saw the area where the seroma was/is and was a little baffled by the appearance. Although the seroma had gone down considerably there appears to be discoloration about the size of a quarter near my belly button. It actually looks bruised. He palpated it and felt something still there. I also had pain and tenderness when he pressed. He thinks that the seroma might have encapsulated itself and I might need to have it addressed. Again he said to give it some more time for the seroma to continue to heal. I told him about the pain after the bowel movement and assured me it was not hernia. He said that everything felt good. He said that if the pain continued I could have a CT scan with the contrast that you drink. He actually gave me the script for it so I could decide when to have it done if the pain continued.
So this morning after a very easy and soft BM the pain slowly returned. I took half of a soma to relax those muscles and layed down with a hot water bottle for a while. It’s now mid afternoon and the pain is worse from walking around. I have pain in my groin, throbbing in my Pelvic area and shooting pain down my sciatica…also inside of thigh. Also, I seem to be more bloated and swollen as my jeans are tight .Same pain as before the surgery but a little less than right before my surgery when the pain was unbearable.
I just don’t know what to do. I know I am not imagining this.
I feel like I am going around in circles. It took months of pain before I got the femoral hernia diagnosis. I can’t do this again.
Any thoughts?

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