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quote Chaunce1234:

chrpainman, I am not a doctor just a fellow patient, but:

Personally I would try requesting a dynamic ultrasound with valsava on the side you are experiencing groin pain on.

As Dr Towfigh suggested, an MRI with valsava can be even better but sometimes it is harder to get insurance or a doctor to sign off on, and some clinics do not know how to perform the proper test, you may want to present some research to help your case with that. Here is Dr Towfighs research on that particular matter

Start noting if any particular activities worsen the pain, improve the pain, or change the nature of the pain. That can be helpful for a doctor to troubleshoot as well.

Perhaps seek out a hernia expert or groin pain expert in your region, they could help rule in/out a hernia recurrence or other possible issues. There are experts scattered around the country and the world, but you may have to travel to get to one depending on your location.

Thanks, I’ll bring that up to whomever I see.

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