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  • marcello71

    February 19, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    Beginning immediately post-op I had tremors & a fever(which I reported to my implanting surgeon) that progressed to drainage at 1 month so I begged my surgeon to remove it but even though the culture came back Staph & Strep, he said it wasn’t anything serious like MRSA so he gave me Bactrim & refused to remove it. The Bactrim seemed to help until the drainage(trocar site) healed over but it’s always been inflamed w burning pain at times in there. It’s never a fever above 101 so it’s never regarded as an emergency.

    This is why I feel like it’s more localized or lying dormant in a biofilm in the mesh, over time it’s caused damage though which has now become apparent as localized tissue loss. I am awaiting removal now by another surgeon out of state & feel foolish that I didn’t do it sooner but my local implanting surgeon has always refused to remove it, saying instead: “if it was infected there would be fluid around the mesh, you don’t have that”, he has since refused to do anything more for me saying he will never remove it at this point.

    I’m just wondering if fluid around the mesh is the only indication of mesh infection for every patient always?

    I mean maybe my body responds to infection differently then most… For some reason my temperature goes down drastically sometimes during these bouts then way up(Oscillating from as low as 96.2 at one point to as high as 100.6). It just concerns me to hear the words “that’s not possible”, since anything is possible & mesh infection was never studied in my body before this mesh was implanted in me. So who’s to say what’s possible or not.

    I also feel like all the Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants don’t understand this resistance phenomenon with mesh(or know much of mesh complications at all) because their solution is always to just hand out antibiotics like candy.

    Its like no one talks about it but aren’t there other patients facing this dilemma too?

    (btw I don’t mean to whine too much or rant & thankyou for your replies/advice)