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Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate the suggestions. I live in Arizona and had my surgery in Tucson. Phoenix is a 4 hours drive , but I would be willing to travel for someone who has experience in helping treat this type of pain.

Do you have any suggestions on expressing my disappointment with my surgeon for not letting me know that patients can have chronic pain after this surgery. Is it possible she is unaware of this? She wrote that she informed me of possible complications, but that is not true. Since I have seen her writing things in my patient record that are completely false I have struggled to know how to address it. (Like saying my vomiting leaving the hospital was from an unrelated illness. When I woke up from surgery nauseated, but was fine beforehand.) It has made me wonder if she is somehow trying to leave a record which will absolve her of any responsibility for what has gone wrong. Any advice from a surgeon’s perspective on how to address this would be appreciated.

I am expecting a call from Dr Peterson tomorrow. I filled out a survey on my mesh pain, and they called to see if I would like a consultation with him by phone.

Do you have any recommedations on mesh removal with him for someone with my symptoms? They make it sound like a wonderful opportunity, but I won’t commit to anything yet.

Thank you again for your helpful insights. You are a blessing.

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