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  • marcello71

    February 22, 2017 at 2:07 am

    Almost feels like it’s burning a hole through my stomach with searing warm pain, redness/cellulitis & upper six pack muscles thinning/caving in(slightly but noticeably) over time… I’ve been told to take the Cephalexin as it was prescribed(by a nurse practitioner), however while this may temporarily help it may also only worsen things after the course is complete if the mesh is still there.

    I know, I probably need my umbilical mesh removed immediately. Of course this would happen right before the biggest hernia surgeon’s conference of the year too, so everyone’s out of the office for most of march unfortunately…

    Any surgical advice would be greatly appreciated, could I make it til April or does sooner intervention sound necessary?

    Is Cephalexin ok to keep something like this stable until then?