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  • Hines

    March 7, 2017 at 7:53 am

    Hello I had an inguinal hernia surgery performed December 13 2016, and as of today March 6 2016, its been nearly three months. It was the old method of open suture hernia repair, and it was larger then average. I had classic healing symptoms, and besides some problems pushing out ejaculate, all the doctors Ive seen, and have had an ultrasound done as well, say I’m healing well. Ive been doing cardio on an elliptical for nearly a month now with no problems. Ive been cleared to lift 40 pounds by my regular doctor. MY surgeon only saw me once at three weeks to examine me i would have gone back again to see him but he is far away. Two different regular doctors have examined me and say I;m feeling fine. I have had no medium to even low amounts of pain in the area for a while now. The area immediately above the incision is a little tender when i move the skin around in an upwards position. I do get minor little aches in the area a couple times a day, , but its not even real pain. Anyways my question is, I have a job offer and need to get back to work, but its a physical job involving a lot of walking. I could be walking on ice covered ground for another month, and then from then on often on muddy ground. I do a lot of walking on my job, so the potential for falling is high. I’d fall , softly, moderately or hard hard once a month I would imagine. My regular doctor, who is just one opinion, told me that i should wait longer before trying such a such a job, he suggested waiting until like june which is 5.5 months after my surgery was performed. I agree that falling puts a lot of force on this area and could re-injure it, WHICH CANNOT HAPPEN due to financial reasons for a while (hopefully not ever). So is his timeline accurate, or can others weigh in? Thanks…