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ejaculation pain after surgery

I respectfully disagree with the 6-weeks. There is no evidence to support inactivity, including sex, until 6 weeks postop for inguinal hernia repairs. Especially primary non recurrent ones and laparoscopic.

I don’t restrict my patients on any activity. This is also supported practice by the European Hernia Society consensus statement.

Pain with ejaculation and orgasm may be related to mesh:vas deferens interface. It should resolve with time. If it doesn’t, see a specialist. Rarely, the mesh may need to be lifts off the spermatic cord.

Otherwise there is no correlation.

I had a similar experience to the OP. I had my inguinal repair with mesh 12 years ago, and I had pain during and after ejaculation for months after surgery. It took up to a full year before I stopped experiencing this. The episodes gradually decreased in duration and intensity over time. Recently however, about three months ago, I’ve started to have this post ejaculation pain again. Feels the same as it did back then. Dr. Towfigh, what exactly causes this? And what type of specialist would evaluate this? I know of a good general hernia surgeon.

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