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To clarify: my data is solely focused on mesh removal after inguinal hernia repair. Outcomes and safety from removal of mesh after abdominal/ventral hernia repair are much much better. There are typically no major vessels or nerves in the region of the abdominal wall or ventral hernias, and these are at risk with inguinal hernias. Abdominal and ventral hernia mesh may involve intestine, and so careful technique remains paramount regardless of the type of mesh removal.

Note, that this data is specific to me. I perform this procedure of mesh removal on a regular basis, so these numbers may be different by other surgeons, especially if they are not specialists. Yes, mesh removal has its dangers. I strongly recommend against mesh removal from an inguinal hernia unless performed by a surgeon with experience.

Clots, such as deep vein thrombosis, may result from a long operation (e.g., 4 or more hours) or immobility. We usually do not blame the operation itself if the clot and associated death occurs years after the operation.

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