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    March 22, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    hello Dr. Towfigh….thanks so much for your reply. so I do not have excruciating pain at this point and the 1st week I think was textbook recovery as the stabbing pains etc did’t present until the 2nd and 3rd week. I’m taking 3 Motrin couple times a day and it really does nothing. Again the stabbing pain is in and around the incision site, since the groin is pretty much still numb it’s hard to pin-point the exact location of the pain but it feels like it’ s in and around the scar. So it’s comforting to hear from you that you don’t think I’m presenting symptoms of nerve entrapment/injury from the repair as that would be excruciating pain from day 1 and that’s not the case as it’s intermittent and around a 4-5 pain scale. So nerve entrapment from scar tissue/mesh is around the 6 week mark?? Is it a bad sign that I’m presenting these symptoms now (early on entrapment) or again like injury at surgical time the pain of an entrapment regardless of when would be excruciating neuropathic pain and unbearable and my symptoms are just the healing process. I’m rather inpatient as you can see and want to be back to my normal activity, The surgical site is also very sore, normal correct?