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First of all I’m very sry to hear your story, the exact same thing happened with me being talked into mesh that I definitely didn’t want or need except I was implanted with 3 pieces at once.

Second, did you say that dr Ramshaw performed robotic mesh removal for you???

If so I was not aware he does it that way(it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks was the metaphor used I believe, lol). Though they were very nice, honest & pleasant people to me, it’s disheartening to hear that any dr would change everything at the last minute on you like that. Are you sure it wasn’t a mix up or oversight by an intake nurse or hospital staff instead?

Did he atleast get all of the mesh out(if so then I’d say there’s your silver lining) & how long did you have it all in for?

Finally, did they have to put more mesh in after removal?

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